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Converge 2014 15th - 16th August, Glasgow

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This is the second year of Converge and we're back and better than ever! Taking what we've learned from 2013's conference and expanding on feedback from our speakers and guests, we're going to do something different again for Converge 2014.

We'll be continuing our mission to bring technology together in Glasgow with a broad, pick-your-own adventure style and a mixture of cross-discipline talks and hands-on workshops.

This year, we'll be over two days, with a much stronger focus on the hacking / making track of the confernece, longer breaks and a wonderful city-centre venue in the heart of Glasgow.

Platinum Sponsorship of Converge 2014 Platinum Sponsorship of Converge 2014 Platinum Sponsorship of Converge 2014

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Welcome back, Emily!

We're thrilled to have FreeAgent's Chief Accountant, Emily Coltman back again this year for another small business / freelancer accounting workshop. ...

Please welcome our first speaker, Steven Baker

Steven Baker will be returning to Converge this year and will be speaking about how to work well with / in a remote team. Steven is the inventor of the Ruby testing framework, RSpec and the popula...

CFP is closed

It's been great looking through all of your submissions for this year's CFP. Thanks a lot to everyone who submitted. The CFP is now closed and we'll be announcing the speakers by April 30th. ...

We're dedicated to providing a safe, open and inclusive conference at Converge. If you need anything just get in touch with one of the members of staff, you can tell us by our snazzy t-shirts and badges.